With a little help . . . (or a lot!)

by Gillian Larson | posted: June 1, 2014

I got back on the trail today at Castle Crags, heading towards Seiad Valley. Last Thursday when I finished the previous section at this same trailhead, I loaded up the horses into the trailer and headed towards Pam and Aaron Williams' house outside of Redding. Pam had earlier helped me out when I was moving my vehicles from Belden to Old Station, and once again she came to my rescue. As I was driving to her house, my truck started to act up, and I even wondered if I would be able to get there; it was a pretty scary feeling being out on the highway late a night with two horses in the trailer and a misfunctioning truck! But Pam helped me make it into town with her truck, and she even had a Dodge dealer in town where I got the truck repaired the next day (and thankfully it turned out only to be a bad crankshaft sensor). She also arranged for her vet to come look at my horses, and that was a good thing, especially for Takoda, who besides having a bruised back after the bent pack bar had also scratched up his hind pasterns. The vet patched him up and suggested that he rest a bit, as well as giving him some medicine, so I left him behind today and hit the trail only with Shyla. Pam and Aaron also accompanied me yesterday as we cached food in several locations on the trail, so I'll be able to travel a little lighter that way.


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