Who pulled the plug on the sun?

by Gillian Larson | posted: September 5, 2016

So it almost seemed as if someone flipped a switch at the end of August and suddenly summer was over and fall began. The temperatures dropped dramatically, especially at night, and for the past several days I haven't seen much except gray skies, fog, and rain. I spent September 1st and 2nd at Cayuse horse camp, where I met a lot of other people who were also camping there with their horses, and I made some great new friends. Many of them were better prepared for wet weather than I was, and they let me hang out around their propane fire grill and get warm in the evenings as we shared trail stories.

Then on the 3rd I set out on the PCT again, this time riding from Snoqualamie Pass to Chinook Pass, where my truck and trailer were parked. There was so much fog and so little visibility that I didn't take any pictures on the 3rd or 4th. On the night of the 3rd I camped at a dirt road where I had cached food and water for Shyla one day while staying at Cayuse. Then on the night of the 4th we camped here at Government meadows. There is a cabin which is pretty roomy and has a nice wood stove, but it was infested with mice, so I camped in my tent away from the cabin. In the morning it was pleasant to see the sun come out for a while, but unfortunately that didn't last for long.

Shyla in the meadow at Government camp

lake on the way to Chinook Pass


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