Welcome to Cuba

by Gillian Larson | posted: June 8, 2018
Riding through Cuba, NM

I had just a short section to ride in Cuba today, much of it through the town itself. We arrived last night to the fairgrounds here, where Tuna Can was waiting in the campground area where I had parked it. The horses have two great big corrals down by the arena, although we have been told that they will have some company tomorrow, as there is a roping competition over the weekend, so a lot of cattle are arriving tomorrow in preparation. My mom dropped me and Takoda off south of town and I rode north to where the fire closure starts north of town; meanwhile my mother took advantage of “civilization” and got some chores done for us before she picked us up again. It was a fairly quick and easy section, but not too interesting—I much prefer to ride in the mountains, instead of along the back streets of town! One of the nice things about being able to switch the horses is that I can pick my horse to suit the section I am riding, as Takoda's strengths are jumping obstacles and navigating traffic, while Shyla has the energy and speed to make long-distance days go by more efficiently. So Takoda got to do this 12 mile road walk through town, while Shyla rested up for longer stretches ahead.


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