Weather Ahead

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 7, 2017
clouds on the horizon

We got a nice early start (although I was tired from being awakened to check for monsters in the woods at 3am!) since I planned to do just over 30 miles today. We got up to 12,000 feet early in the day and then dropped down lower.

Stopping for lunch before the rain began

It was cold and cloudy all day, though the rain didn't start until 4pm. But, boy, did it come down then! I ended up stopping 1.5 miles early (doing exactly 30 miles) because the horses and I were soaked and I wanted to get into my tent. I definitely don't like the idea of my horses being wet and cold, so I have been packing nice warm and waterproof horse blankets in Takoda's packs. Thus all three of us were very happy to get to camp today!


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