Water for equines

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 1, 2014

On Thursday, after a night of camping along the trail, we started off to complete the rest of the ride to Walker Pass. I had stayed with the horses at a small spring in the middle of the sagebrush and cactus, which my great GPS app, Guthook, helped me to locate. This has been a difficult section due to the lack of water, and camping options were very limited with the horses. Sometimes I imagine the horses must think that humans have some kind of divine power when it comes to finding water (not knowing that it's really technology). We'll be walking along in the middle of a desolate patch of sand and rock, and all the sudden we'll turn and go a quarter mile off the trail in one direction or another, and voila--water! It's like we're gods, able to make water out of nowhere. Of course, they must also think we're pretty dumb gods, because if we have that ability, why use it so seldom, and so inconveniently? Why make them walk so far before producing it, if I'm capable of creating water when I want to? I'm sure they think I'm totally inept, and if they had a say in it they'd have me do a better job!


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