Water and Grass

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 19, 2017
Shyla and Takoda enjoying their breakfast
our campsite

After the rain of the night before, I took my time in the morning to let the sun do its work and dry us out. We have a beautiful campsite here at Little Eldon Springs, with a big grassy meadow, and I was reluctant to get moving too early in the morning when the horses were obviously enjoying the chance to graze. It's amazing what a little green grass and some water can do! Shyla was even running around and kicking up her heels quite a bit--pretty frisky for a senior citizen!

beautiful view of a river

Later in the day we rode an easy 12 miles to the trailer. Once back at the trailer we drove back to the horse camp in Flagstaff. That same spot is going to serving as my base camp for most of my rides here in the northern AZ area. There are some cowboys from Nebraska also camping there, so I've had some company, and they have been nice enough to invite me to eat some meals with them. Tomorrow, one of them named Mike is going to come on a cache run with me as I get ready for a 100 section; we're going to cruise the back roads and leave feed at the places where I plan to camp for the next several days.


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