Warner Springs to Idyllwild

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 5, 2016

On Tuesday morning, I left Warner Springs with Shyla, headed for our first overnight camp on the trail, as opposed to staying at a trailhead or campground where there we knew we could have guaranteed water. But I knew there was enough water available at Tule Spring for us to camp there, and we needed to break up the trek from Warner Springs to Idyllwild anyway. There is a closure of part of the trail after it crosses Highway 74 near the Paradise Cafe, so we had to road walk the last few miles into Idyllwild, where we stayed at the Hurkey Creek campground. We had planned to stay at McCall horse camp, a few miles further along on the 74, but it was closed due to repairs to the well there, and Hurkey was more convenient anyway, so that worked out nicely.

This is Shyla and me just before we left the Warner Springs Community Resource Center, where they have a wonderful arrangement for PCT hikers. There are facilities to camp, and access to internet and showers, with re-supply at the Post Office in town. They let us put up portable corrals for the horses in a field full of grass, which the horses loved!


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