Walker Pass

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 1, 2014

This was the view as I approached Walker Pass, located along Highway 178 between Lake Isabella and Ridgecrest. My dad and my our family friend Tammy Duncanson had driven out with my mom to help move vehicles, and we all met at Walker Pass campground, where my mom and I were camping that night. The logistics involved in keeping the vehicles together has involved a lot of planning at times. On Thursday, after driving up in the camper from Topanga, my mom had Tammy and my dad drive her through Kelso Valley to Jawbone Canyon Road where I had left my truck and trailer parked on the side of the ride on Wednesday (and well below the switchbacks of death where my mom and I had gotten stuck on Sunday!). Then my mom drove my truck back to Walker Pass where she had left her camper. The next day, while I was riding Shyla toward Kitchen Creek campground, my mom got an oil change for my truck in Ridgecrest and picked up more food for the horses, before leaving the truck at the Walker Pass campground and driving the camper with Takoda in the trailer to Kitchen Creek, where we camped Friday night. On Saturday I rode Takoda to Kennedy Meadows, and Mom drove the camper with Shyla in the trailer to meet us there, and then we took both horses back to Walker Pass for the night so I could collect my truck and trailer. On Sunday, after packing up supplies so I could begin my ride into the Sierras, I drove both horses back to Kennedy Meadows with my truck and trailer, while Mom drove home in the camper. I'll leave the truck behind when I ride out of Kennedy Meadows on Monday, and Mom and I will come back to get it after she picks me up in Lone Pine or Independence (depending on whether or not there's too much snow for me to continue along the PCT in the Sierras). It's a constant game of musical vehicles!


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