Utah border

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 26, 2017
At the Utah border (north end of the AZT)

After two days off (one spent getting new shoes on the horses and one spent picking up my mom from the airport and driving up to the Utah border) we got back on the trail to start our final 100 miles. It was pretty low key at the border, no monument, but it was a fitting place given Shyla's coloring as this section is called Buckskin Passage, after nearby Buckskin Mountain.

heading south on the Buckskin Passage

We rode about 27 miles on the Arizona Trail and then met up with my mom just off trail where we camped on a dirt road. Apparently around where we were supposed to meet there is another long distance trail called the Great Western Trail (through its really all dirt road and popular with long distance bikers for bike packing). Poor mom saw that sign first and thought maybe the Arizona Trail joined it and that was where I would pop out to meet here. So naturally I was very confused when she wasn't at the dirt road I was expecting and it took us both several texts over my satellite texting device to figure out the mix up. Lucky enough she was just a half mile away so she walked over to us and guided us to where she had set up camp.

Takoda following along


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