Up, up and over!

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 18, 2014

I had been warned by many people about the dangerous conditions on Mt. Baden Powell, where snow was lingering at the high elevation (over 9000 ft.), especially on the north facing slopes. So my mom took advantage of the fact that I had a long ride before I got there to climb the mountain, taking a shovel to break a path in the snow if necessary. Most of the trail seemed clear, but it was just our luck that a freak storm blew in as I was headed up towards her. It started to thunder and lightning, and at the base of the mountain there was rain, but as I went higher, the rain turned to snow. Mom was already getting snowed on, so she headed down, and we met on the way. I thought the storm was beginning to let up, so I continued on, although the snow flurries continued even as I reached the top of the mountain. Finally the last thunderclap hit as Shyla and I wound along the spine of the ridge to the west of Baden Powell; I was going to exit the trail for the day at a point further along by Highway 2, where Mom picked us up in the trailer. The horse and I were thoroughly cold and wet by the time we arrived!


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