Two Passes in One Day

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 8, 2017

It rained on and off the whole night last night so everything was pretty wet in the morning. Thankfully it didn't matter much since I was planning on arriving at the truck and trailer this evening and wouldn't have to worry about sleeping in a wet tent since I could just sleep in the trailer. We got a pretty late start (10:30am) and had to cover 28 miles and go over two passes at 12,500 ft. So it was an ambitious day, with a late start, and terrible weather.

At the top of our first pass

We stopped briefly at the top of our first pass, as the storm threatened to break.

Shyla and Takoda, just before the skies opened

And then it started . . . We are at 12,500 ft, and I thought I was going to be blown off the ridge it was so blustery. I have never felt such cold wind: my face was completely numb in seconds. The horses and I jogged down the steep grade to get below treeline. At least Colorado storms pass quickly, and the rained stopped within an hour.

Heading up our second pass of the day

We had better luck with the second pass, and we're just drizzled on during the 12 mile accent. At the top of the pass though we had clear veiws and it was gorgeous.

Almost to the top of the second pass

wide open view from second pass

We somehow made it to the trailer by 7pm and I found us a lovely camp spot to enjoy for our next three days off trail.


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