True Angels on the PCT

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 2, 2016
Rhonda Zinkel and crew clearing trees

As we struggled through this section, facing numerous downed trees that made it almost impossible to get through the trail at times, we came across a trail crew hard at work clearing the way. It was a sight for sore eyes, that's for sure--and even more awesome was to find out that I actually knew one of the women on the crew! Rhonda Zinkel, who has been a wonderful source of information about the snow conditions and who gave me Roger Hitt's number (the farrier I was trying to get to later today), was there with a string of mules carrying equipment and working with several other people to cut away obstacles. If only I had come through a day or two later, when they had completed this section, then the whole ordeal would have been avoided. But I was still enormously grateful for the work that people such as Rhonda and the others with her do to keep the trail repaired for all the rest of us. They are the true angels of the PCT!


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