Tree of shoes

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 7, 2014

​While I was crossing my 100 mile trail marker on my way from Scissors Crossing to Barrel Springs on Monday, my mom was moving vehicles to keep up with me. First we drove both vehicles to Scissors Crossing where she dropped Shyla and me off to start our trek, then she drove to Barrel Springs where she let Takoda graze for a while on the nice green grass there. She also met three Russian hikers who took lots of pictures of Takoda and seemed enamored of the horse. Then she took Takoda to Paradise Valley Ranch, where we planned to camp for the next two days while I was riding this section. After that, she went back to Barrel Springs and parked my truck and trailer there, then rode her bike back on the road to Scissors Crossing to pick up the camper and the other horse trailer that we left there. Along the way she passed this tree full of shoes . . . perhaps thrown there by PCT hikers with blisters?!


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