Three legs on day 3

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 6, 2014

I started the day at Pioneer Mail picnic area near Laguna Mountain, where I had ended the day before when Mom picked up Takoda and me with the trailer. This morning I started out on Shyla, then switched to Takoda at mile 59 at the Sunrise Trail Head. It turns out that the trail head would have been a good place to camp with horses, as there was a horse trough and pipe corrals, as well as plenty of grass for grazing. We're definitely finding out that helpful information about equestrian camps along the trail has been hard to come by so far, but maybe we'll get better at finding out what we need to know as we go along.

While I headed to Scissors Crossing, at mile 77, my dad and stepmom Nancy helped Mom move the two trucks and horse trailers to Cuyamaca State Park, where we planned to camp overnight. Along the way, I stopped to give Takoda water at mile 68, ladling water from a pipe well with a dipper made of a cut-off Gatorade bottle. He definitely was grateful for the drink! I also jumped down to catch a three-legged horny-toed lizard that I came across. He was missing most of his left hind leg, perhaps when something tried to make a meal of him sometime, but he was fat and sassy and obviously thriving.

By the time we got to Scissors Crossing, Takoda and I were both hot and tired and very glad to see Mom waiting with the trailer, ready to take us back to camp for dinner.


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