The Bridge of the Gods

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 17, 2014

At last, I'm leaving Oregon behind and heading to Washington! We drove up last night to Cascade Locks, which was as far north as I had gone before riding back southbound earlier until I was stopped at Olallie Lake. Now I was going to cross the bridge over the Columbia and begin riding the first section of Washington. It really feels like an accomplishment to have gotten this far. The bridge is made of metal, with an open gridwork floor, and the woman in the tollbooth was sceptical that Shyla would be willing to cross it, since you can look right down through it to the river flowing below, and besides that it makes a lot of noise ringing under the horses hooves and vibrating to the tires of cars passing in both directions. But Shyla was a trooper and she marched across without problems (though I had to hold onto my hat to keep it from blowing off in the strong winds that day).


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