Teacher's pet

by Gillian Larson | posted: June 5, 2014

As I rode into Seiad Valley, I met a group of teachers from the local school out celebrating the beginning of summer vacation (yes, teachers are just as happy as the kids that school is out!). They invited me to join them and gave me a beer--and then the next day, when my mom and I were eating breakfast in the Seiad Cafe (and watching someone attempt to eat the humungous platter of pancakes that you get for free if you finish them) I saw the same group again. The guy eating the pancakes was a hiker on the PCT (just doing a section hike) and I don't think he had enough days on the trail yet to help him through those pancakes. When I left, he had dug a hole in the middle and was on his second tub of butter and a new jug of syrup, but I don't think he was going to complete it within the two hour time limit!


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