Surprise Ending

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 14, 2018
collared lizard

Most of this day consisted of retrieving my truck and trailer from an impound lot, instead of riding south of Grants to the trailhead where I originally left them. So unfortunately it wasn't a very scenic day, as mainly I was on roads in suburban settings as I made my way from the trail to the impound yard. I wish I had thought to get a picture of the horses tied to a telephone pole as I hitched the truck and trailer back up, but at least I saw this collared lizard along the trail before I reached the town. Just because my day hadn't been made difficult enough, when I got to the truck I saw that one of the tires was going flat, so as soon as I loaded the horses, I drove to a repair shop to get it fixed. This was the second attempt to get this tire fixed, as two weeks later I did the same thing at a different place that clearly hadn't solved the problem. This time, however, the shop did a great job, even with the horses in the trailer behind the truck, and they didn't even charge me for it! Definitely not the last day on the CDT that I had planned, but at least we all ended up safe and sound at last.

Now my job was to return to Cuba, NM, where the other truck is, in order to leave Tuna Can there and drive back to LA with Bombshelter. The horses are taking a two week break so that the snow on the mountains north of Cuba and in southern Colorado can melt, and when I return I will have my mother along to help us make faster progress as we complete the CDT.


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