Streamside stroll

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 30, 2018
crossing the river

The morning of this 22 mile day started out with a 5 mile road walk. Four miles into it we reached a pit stop called Doc Campbell's Post. It's a grocery store and common resupply point for thru hikers who mail resupply packages to this site. For me it meant a short break and chance to socialize with hikers and enjoy icecream for myself and apples and granola bars for the horses. We stayed for over an hour before getting on our way.

In the early afternoon we reached the Gila River where I would follow the river for 16 miles and cross it over 50 times, with some mild bush-whacking along the way. We ended up making better time than I would have thought and were in camp by 6 PM. Traveling down the river was really enjoyable but the horses were definitely less than impressed with all the rocks and I was happy with my decision to travel the high route the day prior.


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