Slow but steady

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 1, 2018

This day wasn't a particularly high-mileage day, but boy was it still a long one. The incredibly rough and rocky trail made for slow going and we stayed under 3mph the entire day. Putting pads on shoes can provide relief on rough terrain but also greatly increase the risk of thrush, losing a shoe, and getting junk like small rocks trapped underneath the pad. For those reasons I don't pad my horses' feet and we instead just travel slow and step carefully. At least I had time to look around and notice the other critters along the way, such as this inquisitive striped whip snake.

striped whip snake

Despite the slow travel, the views weren't too bad and we ran into many hikers than we have become acquainted with in the previous two sections. The thru-hikers on this trail have all been so kind and many are from the PCT in 2016. I didn't cross paths with most of them at that time, but a few still recognize us from that year. They are all very tolerant of Takoda sticking his nose in their space and inquiring about any food they might be carrying. Takoda is definitely my extrovert and Shyla my polite introvert. They couldn't be more different from one another nor work as a team more flawlessly.

Shyla ever alert to what is ahead

After 22 miles we reached at last reached Tuna Can at just after 7pm. It was a long day so I was thankful that it was the last of this section and that we were going to have two days rest before getting on trail again.


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