Shelter Cove

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 11, 2016
Odell Lake

I was up with the sun this morning (after not going to bed until after midnight), racing to get to Odell Lake and the Shelter Cove Marina before they closed for the day at 6:00pm. In the end, I just barely made it, and only because I stuck to the road along the lake instead of taking the PCT around to the other side and then using the side trail to get back; another hiker that I saw just before I hit the road junction and who also had supplies to pick up took the other route, and I ran into him again after Shyla and I had picked up our food and were headed back to the trail. He was literally racing down the side trail in a panic, but I had to unfortunately tell him that it was too late and Shelter Cove had closed. I felt very grateful that I had made it in time, although in order to do so we had covered over 92 miles in slightly less than 50 hours total. Both Shyla and I were feeling the effects of that race against the clock, and I was looking forward to finally being able to relax.

Afterwards, Shyla and I rode a little further south along the PCT and found a place to camp for the night. This section turned out to be unusually unpopulated, as many hikers going northbound get off the trail near Crescent Lake and take a more direct route to Odell and their resupply at Shelter Cove. So I had the trail pretty much to myself that night, and again for the first part of the day as we continued on our way.


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