Seedhouse Guard Station

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 16, 2018
Elk River near our camping site

My rest days in Steamboat Springs went by much too quickly; it was time to get back on the trail, even if the horses might have preferred to keep grazing in the pasture! Eaton decided to ride with me today, and in the morning he trailered us both up to the CDT at Summit Lake. Eaton had a black gelding with him and I had Takoda. My mom was taking Shyla to an equine sport therapist named Krista who was going to meet her at the local fairgrounds. Shyla had been stiff in one of her stifles while getting new shoes on the 14th, so we thought it wise to have her looked at.

A break in the rain on our ride today

Eaton and I set off from Summit Lake Trailhead around 9am. There were some dark clouds rolling in and within 30 minutes the rain started. Eaton was going to join me for the first 8 miles and then turn around back to Summit Lake while Takoda and I continued on alone an additional 15 miles to meet my mom near the Seedhouse Guard station by Elk River. So naturally Eaton and I were soaked for most of our time together, but once we parted ways the skies cleared up and I had sunny weather for the rest of the afternoon.

Mt. Zirkel Wilderness area

We reached my mom around 6pm and Shyla was clearly feeling much better which was great news because we still had 1300 miles to Canada. Shortly after my mom and I got the horses settled, another storm rolled in and just dumped on us. The sound of rain on the camper roof was incredibly loud. Monsoon season was obviously arriving in Colorado and I was excited to leave and hopefully have less volatile weather in Wyoming.


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