Roosevelt Lake

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 3, 2017
Shyla with Roosevelt Lake in the background

We continued on in the direction of the lake today. The trail started off very eroded and overgrown. We traversed some rough trail for the first 10 miles or so with views of Roosevelt Lake in the distance. I had to trim branches on some downfalls so we could get past and the trail was pretty thick with brush at one point, so that it was difficult for the horses to squeeze through.

overgrown trail

The second half of the day was spent descending down to Roosevelt Lake where we then walked along Hwy 188 for half a mile, crossing over the lake on a large arched concrete bridge spanning the water near the marina. I was very proud of the horses for being calm even with some pretty big, noisy trucks whizzing past us on the bridge. We camped pretty close to the lake that night at a stock tank by Thompson Spring after a fairly tough total of 23 miles.

The bridge that we crossed over Roosevelt Lake


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