Ride along with me!

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 7, 2016

I put together this video of our ride from the beginning in Campo to the Hurkey Creek Campground in Idyllwild. After we got to Idyllwild, I gave Shyla a "zero" day to rest, and we plan to jump ahead to a section of the trail north of Wrightwood in the Angeles National Forest. At this point, there is still too much snow at some of the higher elevations, and it isn't safe to attempt to cross over San Jacinto or Big Bear or Baden-Powell on horseback. Trying to keep both Shyla and myself safe is, of course, a big priority. We'll come back to cover those portions of the trail later, when conditions allow it. I also want to get through some of the hotter sections of the ride before the weather gets warmer in the spring, again in order to make things safer for Shyla, so we're going to stick to lower altitude portions of the PCT for right now, while still being able to make progress on our journey.



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