Rest and Resupply

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 12, 2017
kicking it by the campfire

We got to our first resupply location on near Camp Hale on the 8th, with a planned layover for a couple of days to prepare and restock for the next section, then move the rig ahead again. The truck and trailer were waiting for us where my aunt had parked them for me, and with all the rain that we've been having, I was very grateful to have the option of pitching my tent inside the trailer and keeping extra dry!

The horses have been doing great, and Shyla's new saddle from Tucker Trail Saddles seems to fit her really well. We are also using a new Supracor pad, which I slipped inside a fleece cover meant for a pack saddle pad to make for a softer surface that won't rub hair off her withers. She seems to be very happy with the new combination, and both horses show no signs off soreness or pressure on their withers.

Nothing much happened on the 9th other than I learned that the road I picked to camp on was along a gas line of sorts and the road was supposed to be closed since there was a crew working the area during the week. They were super nice though and let me camp and drive on the road as I please. I was also able to drive into the closest town, which is Leadville, to find a place to shower.

The 10th was a much more exciting day. I woke up at 6am and could hear the horses munching on leftover dinner. I went back to sleep. I woke up again at 8am and decided to feed the horses their breakfast. I pop out of the trailer, but there are no horses! One of the corral panels (made of PVC pipe) is broken in half, which is where they obviously escaped. I immediately start panicking, picturing my horses lost forever in the Colorado mountains. I jump into the truck (still in my PJs) and with out even tying my shoelaces or even putting on socks for that matter, I drove down the road to talk to the crew guys. No one had seen my horses and they had been working since 5am. Now I'm crying and calling out for Shyla hoping to hear her nicker. I went back to camp to look for their tracks. I found them and they went the opposite way up the road. I followed their tracks uphill for 3 miles in the truck until I reached a locked gate prohibiting entry into a mining facility. Naturally the horses found a way around the gate and their tracks continued into the mine facility. So I hopped the gate and continued on foot. I followed them for another mile and a half till I finally found some workers. They had seen my horses galloping through the construction area just 20 mins ago. They gave me a lift in their truck to where security was keeping an eye on my horses. We drove 4 or 5 miles before finally catching up to them. I couldn't believe how fast they were traveling. They were about to exit the mine facility and cross hwy 91. I was terrified of them getting hit by a car and took off at a sprint down a scree slope towards the hwy. Takoda started to enter the road and I somehow managed to run full long into Shyla just before she got onto the hwy. Takoda stopped once I had Shyla and I quickly got them off the road while traffic stopped. The guys at the mine loaned me some rope so that I could tie the horses to some trees. Then security gave me a lift back to my truck and I drove back to camp, got the trailer, and drive an hour to the mine to get the horses. It was quite the morning. I called my poor mom and cried hysterically to her while I drove to get the horses. So many terrifying things could have happened and I was so relieved to have my horses safe and sound.

Today, I drove the truck and trailer for two and a half hours to Marshall Pass (my next resupply) and met the little brother of a friend who agreed to give me a lift back to the horses. It took most of my day, but I was back to my camp on the dirt road by mid afternoon.


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