Over Forrester and Glenn

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 22, 2016
Looking back at Forester Pass

Today was a big day, as I rode over two big Sierra passes, including the highest point of the PCT, Forrester Pass, which tops out around 14,000 ft. I believe we were some of the first stock over these passes this year, and I was very grateful that they were almost entirely free of snow--certainly none that caused us any trouble--so my strategy of skipping this and heading north to ride elsewhere and then coming back for the Sierra section is paying off at last. Because of the record snowfall in northern California it was more difficult than it might have been at other times to find sections of the trail that were clear, but now as the season has progressed it is getting easier. And trail crews too have been hard at work, so I feel doubly lucky in that regard.

View from the south side of Forrester Pass

Because of the high altitude at Forrester Pass, the view is rocky but beautiful in a stark and harsh kind of way, dotted with turquoise alpine lakes.

Another bear along the trail

We also got to see another bear today--and once again I was fortunate enough to have my camera at the ready!

Crossing Glenn Pass

Then later in the day, as the sun was starting to sink, we crossed Glenn Pass and then rode along the Rae Lakes. I ended up camping just north of the lakes, along the South Fork of Woods Creek.

Upper Rae Lake just before dark

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