On to Wrightwood

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 17, 2014

After a night at Silverwood Lake, where the rangers were very helpful in opening up a campground and making sure I had water for the horses (and a shower for me!), I headed down to the Cajon Pass and then toward Wrightwood. Meanwhile, Mom was meeting her friend Kim Williams' husband Larry Westrick and driving up to Big Bear to get the truck and trailer I left behind there (as well as picking up Shyla). When she got to Shay Meadow Stables, Jana, the wonderfully helpful woman who owns the stables and had been looking after Shyla after I left, told us that the vet was there, so we had him look at Shyla's legs. The things we had been doing had already helped a lot, and my vet in Topanga had also sent along some antibiotics and other treatments with my mom. But I was so relieved when the vet in Big Bear gave her a soundness exam and a clean bill of health to continue on the trail. I have been so fortunate to have so many supportive people at each stop along the way, and I was very grateful for Jana's help and glad that the vet thought she would recover from her sores without any problems. So I was feeling much better about things as I left the San Bernardino mountains and headed to Cajon Pass, where I crossed under the 15 interstate and headed into the Angeles forest and up towards Wrightwood, where Larry was helping my mom relocate nearby. We're going to stay for a couple nights with a woman named Wendy, at her Proven Spots Ranch in Pinon Hills; she has been incredibly kind in opening her home to us for the next couple of days as a base while we navigate the PCT through Wrightwood.


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