On the road to Pie Town

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 6, 2018
road to Pie Town

This day continued our journey along the dirt road on the way to Pie Town. Around noon we reached Pie Town, a very small speck on the map. I don't know where the name originates from, but there was a sign pointing to a place that had pies for sale up the road! More relevant for me (and most CDT travelers) is that this is the location of a famous trail angel who runs "Toaster House," so-called due to the assortment of old toasters displayed on the fence outside the house. Hikers have free run of the place and are always welcome. There aren't any amenities for horses, but I did stop in to use kitchen to get water for the horses with my collapsible buckets. A lot of my hiker friends that I had met along the way were also there, so we chatted a bit before I continued to ride on the dirt road. I went another 18 miles or so, then made camp about 6:30 at a water tank along the same road.


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