On the road again

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 6, 2014

On Sunday we shifted campsites, moving to Green Valley horse camp in Cuyamaca State Park. It really wasn't all that conveniently located for what we were doing, and if we had known about some other possible options we probably would have done something different, as we had to do a lot of driving between here and Scissors Crossing, where mom picked me up on Sunday and dropped me off again on Monday, but it was a beautiful campground, and I had gone horse camping at Cuyamaca years ago with my first horse, Sparky, a white Arabian gelding, so I had many good memories to revisit there. And by the way, this is what our caravan looks like traveling down the road--the camper and "rust bucket" with extra food and equipment, and my truck and trailer, which I'll be trying to keep with me for resupplying the horses and myself along the way as we proceed with the PCT once my mom can't shadow us for support any longer.


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