North from Sonora

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 12, 2016
Patches of snow on the way to Ebbett's Pass

I spent the last two days re-connecting with a great friend from 2014, Carol Pauli, who lives in the Truckee area, and who I relied on as a "home base" several times that year. I drove down to her house on Saturday from Belden, after spending the night there, stopping in Quincy along the way at one of the few feed stores that I know of in the area (even in Truckee I discovered it was necessary to go into Reno to get hay!). I had a great time visiting with Carol and some of the boarders who keep horses at her house, while my horses got to enjoy the run of a grassy pasture--they were in horse heaven out there, and everytime I looked I saw them rolling or sleeping in the sun or just grazing to their hearts' content.

Then on Sunday I prepared food bags and equipment for the next section (thank goodness Carol let me shower and use her washing machine, too!), and late Sunday evening I drove to Ebbetts' Pass and camped there overnight with the horses. I left my camping supplies behind and took the trailer and the horses to Sonora Pass, getting a very late start on what turned out to be a long trail day as we rode back to Ebbetts' Pass. At least we didn't have to carry anything, as I had left my tent and supplies in place there, but it was after midnight before we finally returned. I was very grateful that at least I was spared the work of setting up camp in the dark at the end of such a long day.

heading north out of Sonora Pass


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