Mule Daze

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 18, 2017

Our last day on this section was pretty unexciting, as we just followed a dirt road for 10 miles and then rode through the town of Patagonia to where the truck was parked 2 miles outside of town at the trailhead where I first started the last week. The only interesting thing was this adorable mule who appeared to say hello while we crossed through his pasture. Takoda loved him; Shyla was less amused.

A friendly mule near Patagonia, AZ

After that I loaded up the horses and headed out for a campground north of Tucson, which will be the staging ground for our next section of trail. It turned out to be another great place, and once again I just about had the place to myself, as this is definitely not the "high season" for trail riders in Arizona. It's so different from what I am used to, as on the PCT this would be considered "early" to be on the trail, but here I'm actually getting on the "late" end of the spectrum, with the summer heat beginning to build and most people not venturing out into the desert areas for rides this time of year.


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