Mt. Rainier

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 5, 2014

I got to White Pass on Monday night, then rode north from there to Chinook Pass under the watchful presence of Mt. Rainier. Unfortunately, when I got to Chinook, the food and water that I had cached there for Shyla was missing--the first time that had happened. It definitely sent me into a panic, as I had no water for her, and we still had two days of riding ahead and I wasn't sure how we would make it if I couldn't get more food for her (part of the cache was food I was going to take with me on the next section). But thankfully, just when I was beginning to think we would be stranded there without supplies (and after my mom had called Carol in Ellensburg and she was even going to drive out with replacements the next morning) I encountered someone with a horse trailer who could give us enough not only for that night, but to continue on the next day, and all was saved!


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