Mt. Adams

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 25, 2016
Mt. Adams

Yesterday was a long day of getting new shoes for Shyla in Redmond, Oregon, then heading back north to the Mt. Adams area. I stopped to cache food at one road crossing, then drove into the Trout Lake area south of Mt. Adams. I camped on a dirt road where the PCT crossed, then left my tent and other gear behind in the morning and took Shyla in the trailer further up the road to Keene's horse camp. That allowed us to "slack pack" back to our already set up camp on the dirt road, where we then spent a second night before continuing on south again the next morning.

We also had our first elk encounter on the ride today (unfortunately, no photos--sorry!). There were three cows and three calves all together in a meadow. Shyla looked at them a lot, but she didn't seem overly disturbed; I think by now she probably thinks she's seen it all.


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