More friends along the trail

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 27, 2014

As I have said several times before, one of the most incredible things about this trip is the amazing kindness of the people that I meet along the way, and this section just added to that yet again. Ansel and I had cached food at the end of a dirt road at one ooint, but when I arrived with the horses to camp, I wanted to stay closer to the river where we could have easier access to water. So after setting up the highline and securing the horses, I walked along the road to the place where I had left the food in order to carry it to our camp. There was too much for one trip, but as I had my arms full and was making my way back, two fly fishermen came down the road in their truck, headed to the same camping area. Mike and George offered me a ride (and even went back to get the rest of the food), and then that evening they invited me to a delicious dinner (much better than the freeze-dried package I was going to chow down on!) and the next morning they made me a great big tasty sandwich to take along with me as I saddled up and continued on down the PCT. Meeting so many nice people is truly something that that I had never anticipated as one of the great benefits of this journey.


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