by Gillian Larson | posted: May 5, 2018
newborn calf

As we set off in the morning to begin another day on dirt roads, we passed by several newborn calves that had been born overnight. Takoda and Shyla generally ignore cattle, but all the young ones sure sparked their curiosity. Takoda made several side trips to sniff noses before continuing on.

Unfortunately this was the most eventful part of our day. I passed the 28 miles we covered by listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Thank goodness for modern technology. I was nervous about getting to camp because before starting this section I had to cache 15 gallons of water in order to dry camp with the horses. I use collapsible 5 gallon jugs to store my water but the plastic is notoriously fragile and I only seem to get a few weeks out of my jugs before they begin to leak. I had spent a good deal of time looking for leaks in the corners and turning the jugs on their side or upside down in order to keep any cracks on top. Much to my relief, our water cache was completely intact and we were able to successfully get through another day.


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