Mill Creek Summit

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 9, 2016

We had a windy, blustery, showery night at Mill Creek Ranger Station on Friday, but it didn't really rain as much as it did blow--fiercely! So I'm not sure any of us slept very well, but it felt good to get moving again in the morning, even despite the cold. We bundled up for the day's ride as we headed towards the North Forks ranger station and on to Soledad Canyon. I knew that there had been an accident by a rider along this section in 2014, and we had taken a road walk around when I went through that year, but I also knew that a friend of mine had ridden through since then and that the PCT had done a lot of work to repair the trail in there, so I was on alert to see how the conditions were. The ground is naturally soft and sandy, but in the end we didn't encounter any difficulties on our ride. I did meet a couple of hikers (as I have been meeting people all along the way) and we commiserated with each other on the chilly conditions!


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