Marshall Pass

by Gillian Larson | posted: June 19, 2018
Rejoining the CDT, looking north

I was riding Takoda today, and it was a long day for him, almost 31 miles. We didn't get a very early start, so it was just about dark by the time that I got into camp at Marshall Pass. It was the last day of my CT alternate, and by about 7:30pm, before I got to the camp for the night, I rejoined the CDT.

looking south where the CT and CDT merge

We had a wonderful campsite among towering trees with lush grass for the horses to munch on. This is another place that I was familiar with from 2017, as I had taken a rest day at the same place and had left the horses here while I drove the truck ahead to the next base camp and then hitched a ride back. Given the fact that the dirt road to Marshall Pass is very long, I was concerned about getting back to the horses once I had left the truck behind, but a contact from Instagram kindly offered to meet me in Poncha Springs and drive up to the pass, for which I was very grateful. And my ride to Poncha Springs was on the back of a Harley!


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