Marshall Pass

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 17, 2017
Marshall Pass

This was my last day for this section, and I was looking forward to getting to where I had moved the rig to our next resupply spot. We got a decent start to the day and were on trail by 8:30. I wanted to make it to Marshall Pass, 28 miles away, as early as possible since I was only going to have one rest day to get all my chores done and wanted to get started that evening.

Our morning went by quickly but the afternoon seemed to go by at a snail's pace. That's probably due to the fact that we had to spend several miles riding up a dirt road and that always seems to make the miles crawl by.

Garter snake

We also passed the halfway point in our ride today, and there was a garter snake waiting to meet us! Then around midday we stopped in a grassy meadow for a quick bite for the horses.

Lunch break!

As we headed towards the top of the climb just before Marshall Pass, the wild flowers were insanely beautiful. I'm kicking myself in hindsight for not taking a picture, I was so focused on getting to camp. The view from the top was also my favorite up to this point in the trail. I like how it keeps getting better the farther south I go.


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