Magic on the trail

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 27, 2016
Shyla ready to hit the trail again at Junction Lake

The PCT is a pretty magical place. I'm still trying to process the generosity of Rani and Bob in replacing the tires on the Bombshelter for me and how they went so much out of their way to help someone that they don't even know (and I am also hoping to get the chance to meet them when this section is done!)

Then yesterday, as I rode toward Junction Lake, where I camped for the night, I ran into a hiker name the General who had gotten a ride from my mom from Kennedy Meadows to Tehachapi back in July. After I drove to Kennedy and got shoes on the horses and then started the Sierra section on the 17th, the next day my mom got a ride up with my dad and stepmom (who were coming to stay in Lone Pine where I could see them on the 19th) and she picked up the truck and trailer and took it home with her so that she would later be able to meet me at Vermilion Valley Resort and Sonora Pass. She and my dad and stepmom were all having lunch at the general store in Kennedy Meadows, and word got out that she was heading back down the mountain with a truck, so she ended up with three passengers, one of which was the General. It's a pretty small world sometimes, isn't it? And the General very kindly treated Shyla to a couple of apples as we stopped an chatted, which then made her look at every other hiker we met that day with expectation in her eyes, as in "What kind of treat have YOU got for me?"

Blue Lake

Then today, the PCT was offering up chili cheese dogs for me! Now I've got the same hopeful look in my eye . . .


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