Long and winding road

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 22, 2017

dirt road into the distance

Today was a very long (31 miles) ride. It was almost entirely on dirt road too which isn't my cup of tea. The miles just seem to drag slowly by when your horizon and view never change for hours.

wide open vista

We crossed through a few cattle ranches and ran into another little herd of horses. Again there was only one gelding (though honestly he acted a lot like a stud) that came running out to investigate Takoda while the rest of the herd ran off. The horse was putting on quite a display for Takoda, running around and stomping the ground. At least the panniers act like a type of armor for Takoda so I don't have to worry much about another horse being aggressive.

Takoda heading out to make a friend

Despite the long day we actually made pretty good time and got to camp by 7pm. I had cached some hay and water for them at this spot and was very happy that no elk had gotten into it.

happy horses eating their dinner


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