Lobo Overlook

by Gillian Larson | posted: June 9, 2018
our portable corral at Lobo Overlook

No riding today, so the horses got a break of sorts, although they did have a long haul in the trailer. We took our time packing up (and even saw a little of the roping event in the arena before we left), and then hit the road, heading north again, this time to Colorado. We drove north past some of the same areas we had just ridden through to Pagosa Springs, then up into the first truly high elevation of the trip, ending up around 11,000 ft at Wolf Creek Pass, where we camped at Lobo Overlook. We took both rigs with us, but Tuna Can will be staying at Lobo Overlook for about two weeks, until my mother drives it to Idaho, and we will continue with Bombshelter only. The sudden change in elevation didn't seem to affect the horses, but my mother was definitely feeling the effects of the higher altitude, and for the next couple of days she struggled with nausea and a feeling of weakness and lethargy, until she finally got acclimated to the different atmosphere.

looking toward Wolf Creek Pass from Pagosa Springs


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