Leaving Big Bear

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 15, 2014

On Monday I took a rest day--my first since starting the trail on the 4th! The horses have been able to trade off in terms of long days, with one or the other having a rest while the other one put in the miles, but I've been at it all day long each day, trying to take advantage of the time that Mom had to help me while she was on spring break. But on Sunday she went home, leaving me and the horses in Big Bear. She dropped the truck and trailer on a dirt road outside Fawnskin before she left, then took me back to the trail crossing at the 18, and I put in some more distance with Takoda on Sunday before taking Monday off. I also had a bit of a concern with Shyla, who was getting abrasions from the SMB boots that she was wearing; ironically, we were trying to protect her legs, but all the sweat and dirt was creating raw spots instead, and after the long trek up from Whitewater Friday and Saturday, she was swollen and sore on Sunday. So we're resting her for a couple days, and I spent my day off getting supplies to doctor her up. Then on Tuesday I hit the PCT again with Takoda, on my way to Deep Creek Hot Springs, where I plan to camp. It was hard for both Takoda and me to leave Shyla behind, and Takoda was neighing a lot as we headed down the trail and away from Big Bear.


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