Lava Rocks and Sunset Trails

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 8, 2017
Takoda on the trail

After a day spent catching up on chores at a horse camp, we got back on the trail in Pine today and rode 23 miles to LF ranch. The trail was covered in chunks of lava rock that was not much fun to ride over and definitely slowed our pace. It was like picking our way over bowling balls and made for very tricky footing for the horses.

Lava rocks on the AZT

The folks at LF ranch were very nice. I had been trying to contact them for quite some time, but the location is very isolated and rustic, so they don't always have communication by either phone or internet. I had hoped that I could stay there with the horses as a way to be sure the horses got plenty of rations and water without having to cache supplies for them on my day off. And just in the nick of time, late in the afternoon yesterday I got a message saying that they would be glad to let us stay overnight. It took us longer to get there than I had though it would because of the tough trail conditions, but in the end the horses were happy and had plenty of hay to chow down on.

Shyla and the sunset over the AZT

It was a lot cooler today too and stayed in the low 50s. The clouds made for a great sunset though.


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