Kendall Katwalk

by Gillian Larson | posted: September 10, 2016

Today ended with one of the most famous and spectacular sections of the PCT, the Kendall Katwalk, just before we reached Snoqualamie Pass. (And yes, that's a thin thread of trail that you see blasted into the side of the sheer granite cliff!)

The Kendall Katwalk

But before we got there, we had a lot of other adventures along the trail. It began with another sunny and beautiful morning, and we had only about a dozen more fallen trees as we left camp that we had to deal with before the trail became more passable again. Soon, we came across this fat marmot flaunting himself and enjoying the sunshine along the way.

marmot along the trail

Then in the afternoon, we met a backcountry ranger who was trying to carry out some trash left behind by inconsiderate campers. Shyla and I helped out by taking on some of the load; I bundled a large tarp onto Shyla's saddlebags and strapped a grill onto my backpack like some kind of radar array. We took the unwanted items with us all the way to Snoqualamie, where we could dispose of them.

cleaning up camper trash

We passed through more dramatic scenery on our way to Snoqualamie.

The trail was often rocky and narrow, but it offered great views!

There were definitely places where I didn't want to look down!

But the sunshine and clear air made for a special day, and once again I was so grateful to be experiencing the beauty of the PCT.

Shyla with a lake behind her.

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