In the shadow of Mt. Jefferson

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 18, 2016
Shyla looking toward towering Mt. Jefferson

Once again, I am in the fortunate position of riding through new territory, as the part of the trail that I am on now was closed due to fire in 2014--and boy, did I ever miss out! I think this is by far the prettiest section of Oregon (most of which I find a little flat and boring, although I know hikers often like the level nature of the trail). So I am really happy that this time I am able to ride through here and to see it for the first time.

Yesterday I left Joe Graham (finally and for real) and rode south with Shyla, taking all our gear and heading for another horse camp by Triangle Lake. I didn't take any photos as we were in relatively boring (I already mentioned the level nature of the trail) and tree-obscured territory. But today I emerged into a much more striking landscape, dominated by Mt. Jefferson, its slopes still covered with patches of snow, although thankfully the trail skirts below that.

Mt. Jefferson in the distance

I first glimpsed Mt. Jefferson in the distance early in the morning as we left Triangle Lake behind, and it served as a beacon guiding us most of the day. We rode a very long 35 or 36 miles and finally camped at Rockpile Lake for the evening.

Mt. Jefferson


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