Hop, skip, jump

by Gillian Larson | posted: July 6, 2014

I took a couple of days off after the fall with Takoda so that we could both recover and so that I could re-group and try to devise a new strategy. But like the old saying goes, after you’re thrown you’ve got to get back in the saddle again, and I was determined not to let this setback, as scary as it was, deter me from my goal if there was another way to achieve it. I was able to take refuge at an amazing horse facility outside of Bend, Future Road Farm, where Leanne Johnston generously let Takoda and Shyla have one of her lush green pastures while Mom and I stayed in camper. We went out with Leanne and some of her friends to a brewery in Bend for the 4th of July and drank beer and watched fireworks over Pilot Butte, and even though it was a holiday weekend, Leanne managed to get a great farrier, Trevor Hall, to come out and take care of the horses’ shoes (Takoda had lost one in the accident, and another was loose, and Yosemite had pretty much destroyed their shoes anyway). So late on Saturday we headed back south again to just below Crater Lake, to the place where we had to stop a couple weeks ago and go back to California, and when I got back on at Seven Mile Marsh Equestrian trailhead on Sunday, this time the trail was clear and I was able to make good progress.


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