Here comes the sun!

by Gillian Larson | posted: September 9, 2016
Deep Lake

Finally! The sun came out again today after no sunny days since the September 1st; it was really warm and lovely all day long. We had a 31 mile day today, so it was nice not to be cold and shivering as well. We were headed to Lemah meadow, and around 8pm, with still a mile to go, we hit an absolute tangle of fallen trees. It took me about an hour just to work our way through that one difficult section; we had to go off trail in the pitch dark and find a way around all the tree trunks and branches and dense undergrowth. Shyla is so good when it come to navigating in these kinds of situations; she is patient and follows behind me as I try to find a passable way through the obstacles, and she never rushes up behind me or mows me down, as some horses can do. She is an absolute champ about scrambling up and down steep banks (and will even haul me up after her as I hold onto her tail!). But it was a real relief to finally make it to camp in one piece tonight.


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