Greener Pastures

by Gillian Larson | posted: August 20, 2017
Shyla and Takoda love the Colorado grass!

We got back on the Colorado trail today and had a super easy day, just 12 miles. I finally got to sleep in (till 9am!) and we didn't hit the trail till noon. It was a pretty uneventful day aside from all the mountain bikers and motocross riders we saw. I guess that's Saturdays for you in Colorado. I was especially impressed with the motocross riders, as they were all so kind and polite. I saw about two dozen (in three different big groups) and they all stopped and turned off their bikes as soon as they saw the horses and me. Shyla is not a fan of dirt bikes so she and I gave them a wide birth. Takoda, however, was happy to go up to the guys for pets before moving along--he is definitely my outgoing horse. We made it to camp by 4pm (WHAT?!) and it was along a beautiful meadow with knee high grass. It was definitely a good day as far as the horses were concerned.


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