Goodbye to Belden

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 19, 2014

On Monday I packed up the horses again and left Belden behind. I had considered the possibility of another road ride if necessary due to snow, but the couple of rangers that I met told me they thought the trail was basically clear, even though it went above 7000 ft. in elevation at places, and they also told me how great one of the campsites was, with a beautiful clear spring for water, so I trusted them and set out on the PCT. They were right about the campsite, and the horses even got some good grass to graze on, but that night a storm broke out, and we got snow and rain throughout the night and on and off most of the day on Tuesday also. I stopped at one point when we came across a beautiful meadow and let the horses stuff their faces with green grass for lunch. My aim was to get to Drakesbad Resort by Wednesday, where even though the resort was closed until later in June, we had been welcomed by the owner to stay, and I looked forward to being able to put the horses in a barn and maybe possibly take a shower myself. I had a goal of getting to Old Station by Thursday, and then I plan to take a day or two off and rest the horses and myself with a friend from San Luis Obispo who was driving up to meet me and whose parents have a house near by in Palo Cedro.


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