Friend to all

by Gillian Larson | posted: May 21, 2017
Takoda and Shyla in the stock pen at camp

We had a wonderfully easy 20 miles today. The trail was flat and crossed through some horse pastures. Takoda is always such a social butterfly and was eager to say hello. Most often the other horses are suspicious of his pack saddle and avoid him like the plague. However this herd had a brave dun gelding that was willing to say hi. I'm always so proud of how friendly Takoda is and how he isn't ever aggressive. Takoda's name is of Sioux origin and means a friend to everyone. I could not have picked a more fitting name if I had tried. I'm glad it worked out so perfectly too since I chose it the day he was born before knowing his personality. We made it to camp by 5pm and were lucky enough to have a stock corral for the horses to stay in rather than the usual highline. They definitely seemed to enjoy the extra space.


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