Finding our way . . .

by Gillian Larson | posted: April 20, 2018
Takoda carrying his load

Had another pretty easy day, or at least until the end when the trail basically disappeared and we were traveling over some rugged terrain from one trail marker to the next since the trail wasn't discernible.

Water wise this was our driest day. We only had one water tank in between our camps. It was a relatively cool day, though, so the horses did fantastic. The first 13 miles was spent on a dirt road before we crossed Hwy 81 and then went cross country from one marker to the next. I've been enjoying the challenge of spotting the next market on the horizon, though it does slow down our average miles per hour quite a bit.

Navigating by "ear-dar"

We got to camp before 7pm and shared our spot with another hiker who was from France. This night the wind blew like crazy. There was no keeping the dust out of my tent and I woke to a brown film over everything I owned. These evening new Mexico winds are definitely a new challenge for me. I guess I will just have to get used to never being clean.


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